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Microblading in Calgary Microblading is precise strokes created with a hand tool to give the illusion of real brow hair. If you are looking to

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Step into my Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic tattooing world for a natural looking solution or bold beautiful eyebrows.

Your brows are more than just a feature โ€“ they are the main feature of our face and will become a masterpiece, meticulously tailored to complement your unique facial shape and skin type with nano PMU tattooing techniques.

No need to stress about which technique suits you best, my knowledge of skin and pigments Iย  willย  guide you through a trans-formative journey, ensuring your beauty goals become a reality.

From effortlessly natural to show-stopping bold, I will transform your look with precision and confidence through permanent makeup.



I am an expert artist. I have spent a minimum of 4 years perfecting my craft and highly trained in classic, modern and state- of- the-art techniques. With your goals and my vision, I create tailored perfection, ensuring the end results are exclusively you. Radiate in confidence, command attention, and leave an everlasting impression with Fresh Envy Aesthetics.

Offering luxury through Powder brows or Ombre Eyebrows, Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrows and Combination Brows. ย Achieving natural-looking eyebrows that will leave you feeling confident, feeling fresh and younger.

Permanent makeup eyebrow review

Permanent makeup calgary review

Permanent makeup calgary review

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